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"AbelConn, LLC"
supplier of backpanels and custom interconnects to the Avionics and Military markets.

"Advanced Aero Industries Limited"

manufactures metallic components and Aerostructure Assemblies, aerospace structures, aircraft structures utilizing CNC machines, metal fabrication, welding.

"Advanced Creative"

designer and manufacturer of thin illuminated front panel for electronics, instruments, control display systems, information signs, and warning systems.

"Aero & Industrial Technology Ltd."

manufacture of components for aero, industrial, automotive and marine gas turbines engine systems.

"Aero Engineering & Manufacturing Company"

manufacturer of aircraft parts for the aircraft and aerospace industries.

"Aero Equipment"

division of Dunlop Standard Aerospace Group, specializing in providing solutions to heat management, fluid control and sealing problems.

"Aero Exchange International, Inc"

suppliers of hard-to-find spare parts, avionics, instrumentation, and airframe and engine components, especially for out-of-production aircraft.

"Aero Innovations, Inc."

air medical interiors for leadership preservation. We make interiors for VIP, business and military jets, air ambulances and aircraft parts.

"Aero Telemetry"

specializing in the design and implementation of fully integrated telemetry systems and related subsystem components for military, commercial, and racing applications.

"Aeronautical Systems, Inc."

manufacturing and distribution of parts and shipping containers for military aircraft, helicopters, and missiles for customers around the world.

"Aerospace and Defence Products Pty. Ltd."

specialist lighting for aerospace and ground vehicle applications including night vision cockpit integration and infrared

"Aerospace Knob Co."

trans-illuminated and NVIS compatible panel control knobs for military and commercial aircraft. Division of Dupree, Inc.

"Aerospace Tool Corporation"

tool and die manufacturer of investment castings, producing tooling for the investment casting industry.

"Aerospace Turbines International"

division of Aerospace Welding Inc., is an engineering company specialising in turboshaft engines.

"Aerospace Welding, Inc. Canada"

manufacturing aircraft mechanical components, subassemblies and ground support equipment

"Aerotech World Trade Corp."

international aerospace marketing and distribution company with extensive experience in the aircraft industry

"Air Precision"

designer and manufacturer of electrical sliprings for the military and industrial market as well as navigation lights and clocks for the aerospace industry.

"Airbus Industrie"

main site for this European multi-national consortium producing the Airbus family of passenger aircraft.

"Aircraft Maintenance Support"

suppliers to the aircraft maintenance industry for tooling test equipment, ground support equipment and raw materials.

"Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co."

Details on the new Zenith CH 2000 / CH2T type-certificated aircraft design

"AirCXN Professional Air Service"

AirCXN provides professional air charter services to clients worldwide. We offer a free, no hassle, no login, online quote request.

"Airsys ATM"

designs, develops, manufactures, installs and maintains systems, products and services dedicated to air traffic management.


manufacturer of aircraft passenger seatbelts, flight attendant harnesses and pilot/copilot restraint systems.

"AMT Advanced Micro Turbines"

designs and manufactures small gas turbines for the propulsion of radio controlled flying aircraft.

"Archedyne Aerospace Corporation"

home of the NauticAir 450, the world s first amphibious luxury business jet.

"Astrotronics Inc."

specialize in aerospace machining including gear cutting and spline shaping and hobbing.

"ATZAN Aerospace Technologies"

engaged in a wide range of projects focusing on structural and systems installation - for aviation/aerospace/marine applications.

"Automatic Power"

manufacturer of marine, aircraft and highway navigational aids, products and systems.

"Aviation Partners, Inc."

designing, developing and manufacturing advanced technology blended winglets for business and commercial aircraft.


parts for maintenance & repair of TCAS, GPWS, CommNav, Radar, Autopilot, Antenna, Sensors, Data Management & Recorders, etc. Division of Honeywell International.

"B-N Group Limited"

home of Britten Norman, manufacturer of multi purpose utility vehicle providing solutions to the transportation needs of remote parts of the world.

"B/E Areospace, Inc."

designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services a broad line of passenger cabin interior products for both commercial and general aviation aircraft.

"Bae Systems - British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems"

aerospace and defence company specialized in the design, development, research, engineering and manufacturing of civilian and military aircraf and technology.

"BF Goodrich Evacuation Systems"

manufacturer of inflatable evacuation slides and life rafts for commercial aircraft.

"BND Technologies, Inc."

manufactures small to medium sized parts for commercial airlines, aerospace, robotics, moulding machines, telecommunications, nuclear industries.

"Borley Brothers General Engineering"

offers a wide range of services including the design, manufacture and installation of specialist aircraft access equipment, aircraft suspension, general engineering.

"Buzzman Aviation"

home of the two-place ultralight trainer the Lil Buzzard. Site features news and information on ultralight aviation in Canada.

"Calcor Space Facility, Inc."

manufacturer of aerospace machined parts, sheet metal details and major structural assemblies

"Capo Industries, Inc."

producing components for aerospace, jet engine, industrial gas turbine, and general industrial markets

"Castle Precision Industries"

has been manufacturing aircraft landing gear and components since 1973.

"Cicon Engineering Inc."

designing and producing wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. Produced a variety of complex assemblies for military, aerospace, high-end industrial.

"Circle Seal Controls, Inc."

division of Circor International, Inc., designs, manufacturers and assembles valves and controls for industrial and aerospace/miliary applications.

"Crissair, Inc."

manufacturer of aircraft hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and fuel systems


manufacturer of 200hp aircraft diesel engines.

"Diamond Aircraft"

offers modern flight training aircraft, qualified flight training devices, and more.

"Dowty Group"

supplier of aerospace actuator, fuses, high energy devices.


designs and manufactures all types of light motorized aircraft, from aerobatic to ultralight, travel to pilotless.

"Dyna Air Corporation"

a Shaw Aero/Meggitt Company, producing flight critical components for aircraft engine, lubrication, hydraulic and fuel systems.

"Dynamic Aerospace Tools, Co."

tools for the engineering, manufacturing, and aerospace industries

"E.F.Britten and Co., Inc."

a leader in high quality manufacturing or aerospace related products for many diversified applications

"Eclipse Aviation"

Our goal is to revolutionize air travel by offering a full line of personal, low-cost, high-performance jets that provide value, safety and convenience.

"Ellwood Texas Forge"

manufacturing closed die forgings weighing 50-10k lbs., shaped open die forgings 5k to 15k lbs., and pipe extrusions 6" to 16" diameter


Brazilian manufacturer s site includes aircraft information, news releases and employment opportunities.

"Environmental Tectonics Corporation"

designs, manufactures, installs and maintains aircrew training systems, flight simulators, hyperbaric chambers, sterilizers, calorimeters, HVAC and more.

"Euro-ENAER Eaglet"

manufacturers of the Eaglet, a new two-seat composite aircraft, certified according to JAR 23.

"European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V."

comprises the activities of the founding partners Aerospatiale Matra S.A.- France, Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A.- Spain, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG - Germany.

"Fairey Industrial Ceramics Ltd."

manufacturers of ceramic cores, used for investment casting applications, primarily within the aerospace industry.

"FELLFAB Limited"

a manufacturer of engineered textile products, covering such markets as aerospace, road and rail transportation, materials handling and more.

"Firewall Forward"

building custom aero-engines and Propeller Speed Reduction Units for the burgeoning non-certified aircraft market.

"Flight Products, Inc."

manufactures spare parts for various aircraft.

"Flypass Ltd"

sales and service of Zenair products. Provide safe, efficient, economical aircraft to missionaries and nationals in third world countries.

"Fokker Control Systems BV"

aerospace control technology on the ground. Manufacturer of electric control loading systems, motion systems, and SmarTEST systems testing equipment

"Full Lotus Manufacturing Inc."

develops and manufactures inflatable floats for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

"Galaxy Aerospace"

produces and markets the Galaxy super midsize intercontinental business jet, the Astra SPX midsize transcontinental business jet, the Westwind business jet.

"GKN Aerospace"

consists of two major divisions: GKN Westland Helicopters and GKN Westland Aerospace.

"Gomolzig Flugzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH"

manufacturers of the Vizzola Caproni Calif

"Griffon Aerospace"

focuses on producing a high performance cabin class aircraft that is affordable to a broader market; offers an electronic information packet.

"Grimes Aerospace"

produces world-class aircraft lighting and avionics for more than 70 years.

"Grupo Aeromot"

formed by 3 companies, with common top planning and finances management but independent technical and administrative areas, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

"Hades Manufacturing Corp."

manufacturing and designing temperature systems and components for aircraft, military and industrial applications.

"Hanley Tooling"

ceramic core and investment mould tooling for aerospace applications.


manufacturer of thermocouples, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, high temperature cables, leads and systems for the aerospace industry.

"Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc."

provides the aircraft, missile and space industries with metal foil, soft goods, and sewn insulation solutions for thermal and acoustical problems.

"Hitchiner Mfg.Co., Inc."

high volume producer of metal investment castings. We specialize in the production of thin wall, near-net-shape castings for products such as jet engine components.

"Howden Airdynamics"

maker of mechanical and electrical drive fans used in combat vehicles. Also makes reciprocating compressors used in high pressure pneumatic systems aboard aircraft, missiles, and ships.

"Howe Machine"

aerospace component manufacturer and distributor of hardware components such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

"Ibis Aerospace Ltd."

manufacturers of the single-engine turboprop Ae270 Propjet aircraft.

"IMP Grop Group International, Inc."

leader in the field of military and commercial aircraft engineering and maintenance, and related specialized services.

"IMT Systems"

specialists in accurate rotary motion and positioning for aerospace and industry since 1957.

"Kaman Corporation"

provides high technology products and services to commercial and government markets.

"Kell-Strom Tool Company"

supplies quality tools, design and machining services for the aviation and aerospace industry.

"Ken Brock Manufacturing"

manufacturing gyroplane pre-fabricated sub-kits, and home-built aircraft components.

"Kulikov Aircraft Company"

business and general aviation aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing.

"Lancaster Alloys"

manufacturer of weld wire for the aircraft and aerospace industries.

"Laser Fusion"

laser welding and laser cutting job shop offering 4 axis CNC motion control laser systems for the medical, automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor industries.

"LeFiell Manufacturing"

fabricating the most critical precision tubular products in support of the commercial airplane, defense and aerospace industries.

"Lift Reserve Indicator Company"

manufactures an instrument that integrates airspeed and angle of attack.

"Litton Poly-Scientific"

designs and manufactures motion technology, night vision, fiber optics and security products for the aerospace, military and commercial markets.

"Lord Corporation"

certified company, manufacturers of products to isolate vibration, reduce noise, manage rotor/control system loads and motions, and more.

"Lordgate Engineering Limited"

manufacturers of precision engineered galley insert products for the airline industry

"Lunar Dynamics Corporation"

manufacturing an array of fluid components for the aerospace, military, industrial, commercial, submersible vehicle industries

"Manson Company, Inc."

manufacturing C-130 aircraft towbars. Towbars and parts also available for C-17, B-777, B-767, DC-10, MD-11, L-1011, A-300, A-310, A-330 and A-340 aircraft

"Maricopa Controls, Inc."

designing, developing, and manufacturing test equipment, supervisory controls and custom power supplies for commercial and aerospace industries.

"McCormick Selph, Inc."

specializing in the design, development, qualification and production of controlled explosive products for the aerospace and automotive safety industries

"MEL Aviation Ltd."

for all of your cryogenic and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and air requirements

"Micro Systems, Inc."

manufacturers of embedded real-time systems, GPS based command control systems, airborne RF transponders and beacons, training systems, test equipment, and engineering services

"Mid West Engines Ltd."

design, development, and manufacture of rotary engines for ultra light and certificated aircrafts

"Moeller Aircraft Division"

job shop manufacturing of precision machined parts, advanced locking devices, and blades and vanes for aerospace and power generation turbine engines

"Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd"

aircraft kit and parts manufacturer.

"M_DOT Aerospace"

hot formed titanium parts & aircraft tailpipes. Small gas turbines, turbopumps, micro compressors and heavy fuel engines

"Nasco Aircraft Brakes, Inc."

second-source manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft brake components.

"National Ultralight (Canada) Inc."

distributes new and used Challenger advanced ultralight aircraft and quick-build kits.

"Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc"

specializing in aerospace products including precision casting and machining, titanium and aluminum sheet forming, electronic interconnects, filtering and displays.

"PATS, Inc."

innovative solutions in response to the aviation industry s distinctive needs. From research and development and systems design to manufacturing and installation.

"Plascore, Inc."

manufacturing lightweight, high strength honeycomb core materials for the aerospace and commercial composites industry

"Pratt & Whitney Canada"

the company manufactures a complete range of turboprop and turboshaft engines rated from 500-5000 SHP and turbofan engines from 2200-8000 lb. thrust

"Precision Hose Technology"

specialised exclusively in aircraft hose products and hose fittings


Advanced flying concepts.

"PS Engineering, Inc."

manufacturer of aircraft intercoms and audio selector panels.

"QMI Aerospace, Inc."

double contour forming for the aerospace industry

"R&B Electronics, Inc."

manufacture and direct sales of aircraft electronics

"Raid Aerospace, Inc."

provides avionics parts and is located in the United States

"Rapco Inc."

manufacturer of FAA-PMA approved replacement aircraft parts. We also overhaul vacuum and fuel pumps.

"Raytheon Aircraft"

manufacturer of the venerable Beech and Hawker brands of aircraft, encompassing a wide range of propeller and jet aircraft

"Reims Aviation"

French aircraft manufacturer for Cessna and a major subcontractor for Dassault Aviation and Aerospatiale-Matra

"Scalecraft Aerospace Models"

Providing a wide selection of aviation display models.

"Seco Seals"

manufacturing flared tube fitting seals and gaskets for aerospace applications


designer and manufacturer of cabin equipment, elementary parts, and connectors.

"Skyharbor 95 Aviation Ltd"

aircraft sales and service, avionics sales and repairs, aircraft parts, repairs and modification design.

"Slingsby Aviation Ltd."

has manufactured aircraft for nearly 60 years. Customers have included air forces and civilian customers in 45 countries

"Smiths Industries"

designing and manufacturing advanced avionics systems for military and civil aircraft

"Soros, Inc."

Ventube allows reliable closure and reduced air noise in engine Cessnas. Can be installed in an hour and a half by the owner. Available from Soros, Inc.

"Specline, Inc."

Bearings, Rod Ends, and Journal Bearing manufacturer for the aerospace industry and other high end uses.


Portal for aircargo related business contacts, information, news and expert networks at International Airport Schiphol

"SPS Technologies"

manufacturer of aerospace fasteners and fixings

"Superior Thread Rolling Co."

manufacturing and thread roll processing of high strength alloy steels for the world's aerospace and commercial uses

"Systech Displays"

design and fabrication of NVIS and non-NVIS legend plates for use in cockpit and shipboard instrumentation.

"Teklam Corporation"

manufacturer of laminated panel products for the commercial aerospace industry, as well as architectural, computer, marine, medical, space, and tooling industries

"The Boeing Company"

site covering their product offerings in passenger aircraft, military aircraft, space and defence and electronic and information systems areas.

"The Conrad Company"

specialty parts to the most stringent aerospace & military specifications.

"The Zodiac Group"

leaders in aeronautical equipment emergency evacuation, deceleration systems, elastomers, airline equipment, aircraft seats, cabin equipment, etc.

"Theiss Aviation"

designers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, both tactical and target UAVs

"Townend Aerospace Tool Company"

manufacturer of automatic fastening equipment, tools, material handling positioner systems

"Twigg Corporation"

manufacturer of jet engine components.

"Tyee Aircraft"

providing engineered value added structural assembled products for all major aerospace manufactures

"UAV Engines Limited - UEL"

company totally dedicated to the design, development and production of Wankel-type rotary engines for propulsion of small and medium sized Unmanned Air Vehicles.

"United Air Tool"

manufacturers of the Jiffy air tool and other pneumatic and aircraft tools including angle drills, Tab shears and ratchet wrenches for the aerospace industry and airframe assembly

"United Technologies Corp"

specialists in aerospace and high technology engineering material and providing high quality engineering sytems all over the world

"VARIG Brasil"

VARIG Brasiliens Fluglinie fliegt Sie pŁnktlich, mit modernsten Maschinen und brasilianischer Gastfreundschaft nach Brasilien und SŁdamerika

"VFN Engineering Ltd."

manufacturing metal fabricated parts for the aerospace, automotive, electronics, defence security and telecommunications industries

"Western Indicator, Co."

manufacturer of illuminated cockpit accessories including fire handles, chromatic filters, illuminated chart holders and stall indicators. The company also provides a custom manufacturing service

"Whirl Wind Propellers Corporation"

manufactures composite constant speed propellers for experimental aircraft.

"Zenith Aircraft Company"

detailed information and resources on Zenith Aircraft s light airplanes.

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