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"A. Biederman"
aircraft instrument sale and service, jar reparation station

"A.V. Aviation"

aircraft rental, sightseeing, aircraft maintenance and repair

"Aberle Custom Aircraft"

construction, maintenance, repair

"Able Engineering & Component Services"

mechanical and hidraulic component overhauls, and specialized repair program for individual parts

"AC Team"

Fuel Cells-Repairing

"Accessory Shop"

aircraft engine accessory overhaul and repair

"AccuFleet International"

Headsets-Radio-Service & Repair

"ACRO Aerospace"

located in Western Canada, provides helicopter repair and overhaul services for customers all over the world, and for virtually any type of helicopters.

"Acro Dynamics"

manufacturing parts and accessories Ffor aerobatic and experimental aircraft, offering complete service: maintenance, repair, alterations and inspections

"ADS Aircraft Service, Inc."

aircraft maintenance

"Aero Controls, Inc."

commercial aircraft repair and overhaul covering components

"Aero Exchange International, Inc."

repairs corporate, regional and major airlines

"Aero Instruments"

FAA repair station

"Aero Kool Coroporation"

specializes in the repair/overhaul of engine and airframe accessories

"Aero Mach Labs, Inc."

a certified repair facility

"Aero Propellers & Accessories Inc"

Propeller Governors-Repair & Overhaul

"Aero Propulsion Support, Inc."

small gas turbine component repair and overhaul

"Aero Systems Aviation Corp."

avionics, instruments & accessories repair and overhaul

"Aerocomponents Sales & Service, Inc."

a class I & II repair station


provides commercial aircraft, instrumentation and services for complex test and measurement applications. Services include systems integration, sensor and instrumentation design, mission operations and data analysis

"Aeroservice Aviation Center, Inc."

FAA & JAA approved repair and overhaul

"Aerothrust Corporation"

repair, overhaul, sale and lease of engines

"Aicraft Instruments Support Services, Inc."

certified instrument repair facility

"Air Gear Industries International"

overhaul and repair station

"Air Methods Corporation"

70 Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics

"Air Shunt Instruments"

leader in avionics repair for commercial and military aircraft

"Air West Aircraft Engines"

cylinder repair, engine service

"Aircraft Accessories Of Oklahoma Inc"

an overhaul repair station

"Aircraft Ducting Repair, Inc."

overhaul/repair metal ducts

"Aircraft Heating & Electrical Inc"

Heaters-Combustion-Cabin & Cockpit-Repair

"Aircraft Super Market/Gold Circle Air, Inc."

assembly, repair, hangaring, maintenance

"Aircraft Systems & Mfg., Inc."

aircraft systems and manufacturing

"Aircraft Tool Supply Co"

Instruments & Indicators-Testing, Calibration & Repair

"Aircraft Window Repairs Company"

Lights-Cockpit, Landing, Navigation, Positioning-Service & Repair

"AirFlyte Inc."

FAA Repair Station Specializing in:\tCessna Citations,\tHawkers, King Airs, Learjets, Maintenance for all Aircraft Under 12,500 lbs.

"Akro Fireguard"

cargo and duct joint repair

"Alpha Jet International"

air carrier certificate and repair station


aircraft maintenance and enginnering

"American Aircarriers Support, Inc. Home Page"

international supplier of aviation services including sales of aircraft components and spare parts, maintenance, overhaul and repair of those products, and engine management services.

"AOG - Aircraft Services, Inc."

primarily serving the corporate jet customer

"Arapahoe Aero Inc"

general aircraft maint. for whatever ails your piston engine aircraft

"Arco Sheet Metal Ccompany"

aircraft structural repair, aircraft grade material sales, composites, corrosion removal, certified FAA repair station

"Astro-Aire Enterprises"

repair/hoveraul of aircraft instruments, avionics accessroies for commercial airliner ad military aircraft operators

"ATACS Products, Inc."

aircraft maintenance and repair; systems specializing in composite repair equipment and material

"Atlantic Aviation"

a lifetime workmanship warranty on modification and maintenance work and a long warranty on exterior paint

"Austin Jet International"

FAA Approved Repair Station

"Av-Ox Inc (AvOx)"

Oxygen Equipment & Systems-Service & Repair

"Avanzata AirWork"

Biplane Modification, Restoration, & Sales

"Aviation Components Services, Inc."

FFA repair station

"Aviation Materials and Technical Support AVMATS"

providing alternatives for the support and maintenance of corporate aircraft: aircraft parts, maintenance and repair; aircraft sales.

"Aviation Partners"

design, develope and manufacture of blended winlets

"Aviation Spares & Services International Company"

spare aprts and repairs of all commercial aircraft

"Avionics Specialists of Alaska, Inc."

custom avionics installations in new and used aicraft, repair, and sales of new and used avionics equipment

"Avitech Engineering, Inc."

providing hoveraul and repair services on fuel sustems, hydraulics, electrival, pneumatics and propeller controls


aircraft maintenance, Avionics install, major refurbishment

"B & E Tool Company, Inc."

fuel control component repair

"Balloon excelsior"

balloon flight training, balloon repair station, used balloon sales

"Balloon Repairs Of East Texas"

full FAA certification for repair and maintenance on all major brands of hot air balloons.

"Banyan Air Service FXE"

Avionics Repair, Installation, and Sales

"Beaver Avionics Service Inc."

sales, installation and repair of avionics of all major avionics manufacturers

"BFGoodrich Aerospace"

produce high quality, original-equipment systems, aftermarket components and systems, and provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services

"Bizjet International, Inc."

avionics, interior refurbishment, airframe and engine maintenance

"Cardinal Aerospace, Inc."

commercial aircraft parts and service

"Cargo Systems"

FAA repair station

"Certified, Div. Kellstrom Industries, Inc."

FAA approved repair station

"Cheyenne Airmotive"

Aircraft Paint, Interiors, Cabinetry, \nMaintenance, Modifications, and Avionics


distributor hand tools and electrical connector tool kits used for the installation and repair of aircraft avionic systems

"Cobham Group"

operation, maintenance and modification of military and civil aircraft

"Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co"

electrical accessories repair

"Consultair France"

global solutions for airplane, helicopter, airport equipment or measure instruments problems.

"Craig Air Center"

piston and turbine aircraft repair

"Custom Aircraft Refinishing, Inc."

aircraft maintenance, service & repair

"Dave's Aircraft, Inc."

general aviation repair, inspections, engine overhauls, custom panel & avionics installation

"Delta Aviation"

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair; Flight Instruction and Aircraft Rental

"DRS/Laurel Technologies"

avionics repair and manufacturing

"Dukane Corporation"

manufacture acoustic locator beacons for aircraft

"E.D.N. Aviation, Inc."

repair station for light plate control panel, cockpit refurbishment

"Eagle Aircraft Services, Inc."

beechturbine service component accessory repair and overhaul

"Eagle Fuel Cells"

FAA certified repair station for factory overhauls, formerly aircraft fuel cell repair

"Ebtec Corporation"

repair and restoration of turbine engine components

"Executive Air Taxi Corp."

full service repair

"Executive Beechcraft Inc"

Airframe and Engine Maintenance

"FBO AvCenter"

Aircraft Maintenance, Service & Repair \nAvionics-Testing, Repair & Overhaul

"Flight Research, Inc."

flight testing, limited repair station

"Floats and Fuel Cells"

fuel bladder repair and overhaul, new bladders, maintenance service, emergency response service.

"Fortner Accessory Service Corporation"

helicopter hydraulic flight control repair

"Freescan Avionics & Instruments, Inc."

repair station, intalls, avionics sales

"FRS Omega"

manufacture and repair boroscopes, accessories and systems

"Ft. Lauderdale Jet Center"

full business services

"Gateway Aviation"

complete aircraft maintenance with IA on staff

"Gulf Coast Avionics Corporation"

complete installations and repair of avionics, instruments and pilot supplies

"Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair"

Aircraft Parts & Supplies, Experimental Aircraft-Assemblers, Parts & Supplies, Fuel Cells, Fuel Cells-Repairing \nFuel Cells-Wholesale & Manufacturers

"Hatfield Aviation, Inc."

overhaul, repair and exchanges available; also parts disribution

"Heatcon Composite Systems, Inc."

composite repair training, equipment, accessories, and material

"Heli-Mart, Inc."

herlicopter parts and accessories, component overhaul and repair

"Helicopter Component Service, Inc."

helicopter dynamic component overhaul/repair

"Hollingsead International"

seamless avionic integration service provider, integration engineering, tray and support structure manufacturing, FAA repair station

"Hoses Unlimited, Inc."

hose, hose assemblies, fittings, adapters, quick disconnects, ducing, clamps and fanges, tube, tube assemblies, oxygen hose assemblies

"Hydro-Chemical Engineering"

FAA approved to repair struts in all jet/prop aircraft

"IAC Ltd., Co."

helicopter blade repairs

"Image Air"

FAA repair station

"Instrument Tech Corp."

manufactures, distributes, repairs, and services instruments and avionics for the military, commercial, and general aviation market.

"Intercontinental APS, Inc."

aircraft part sales, repais services, fuel, airport service

"International Aero, Inc."

aircraft interior products, modifications, reconfigurations, 145 repair station

"International Aircraft Tank Services, Inc."

full service commercial aircraft fuel system services

"Jair United, Inc."

repair station avionics class 1, 2, 3

"Jensen Tools, Inc."

distributor of tools and test equipment to the international aviation maintenance and repair industry

"Jet International, Co."

procide component repair as well as engine repair management services

"Kansas Aviation of Independence"

repair station specializing in overhaul of fuel related accessories

"L.J. Walch Co., Inc."

FAA Repair station, airline maintenance, component repair, overhaul and repair of electrical class

"Lake Aircraft Inc."

specialize in major repairs, alterations and inspections

"Lambda Signatics, Inc."

fuel management systems for military aircraft flight control indicators, manufacture and repair

"Life Support International, Inc."

manufacturer & distributor of aviation safety

"Majestic Aerotech, Inc."

galley & cargo equipment repairs

"Mattituck Aviation Corp."

repair station

"Midwest Corporate Aviation, Inc."

aviation facility specializing in aircraft sales, charter, maintenance and repair

"Mitchell & Associates"

repairs for large jet aircraft


specializing in repair of a varity of electrival components for circuit components and power relays

"Nadam Texas"

repair of metallic and non-metallic aircraft components

"National Airmotive Corporation"

provides maintenance, field repair service, component remanufacturing, module overhaul

"North Coast Aircraft Radio, Inc."

avionics repair station in Cleveland, Ohio

"OK Turbines, Inc."

turbine jet engine repair and sale

"Pace, Inc."

provides an unparalleled range of assembly, repair, and fume exctraction systems

"Pacific Oil Cooler Service"

Aircraft Accessories-Repair & Overhaul

"Performance Aircraft Service, Inc."

aircraft fuel tank maintenance and repair; wetwing repair; leak path analysis; bladder repair; structural pre-purchase inspections

"Perry Maintenance & Compliance"

Refueling Equipment-Aircraft-Service & Repair, Ground Support Equipment-Repair & Overhaul

"PPG Industries"

aircraft window spares and repairs

"Quality Testing Services, Inc."

FAA approved repair station

"R & R Instrumentation, Inc."

test equipment sales, repair and calibration

"Rapco Inc"

Aircraft Accessories-Repair & Overhaul

"Regent Aerospace Corporation"

bearing repair specialists

"Regional Aircraft Service, Inc."

overhaul or starter generators, blowers, fans, fuel nozzles, bydraulics, avionics repair

"Revere Transducers, Inc."

provides jetwieght and evergreen aircraft weighing kits; repair service also available

"Rocky Mountain Propellers Inc"

Propellers and Governors Repair

"Ronson Aviation, Inc."

FAA-approved repair and avionics station

"Royal Aviation"

providing aviation services such as aircraft and engine repair and inspection to the general aviation community as well as airlines, government agencies and other customers in europe and the middle east

"Sage-Popovich, Inc."

aircraft appraisors, technical consultants, aircraft management, aircraft repossession, repair station

"San Joaquin Helicopters"

repair station, lift work, firefighting, aircraft maintenance and repair

"SAS, Inc."

helicopter repair service; military aircraft repair

"Scotia Technology Div. Lakes Region Tubular Products"

overhaul repair station

"Sifco Selective Plating"

repair of aircraft components

"Soundair Repair Group"

specializing in the repair, overhaul, and rebuild of commercial jet transport windshields

"Standard Aero Alliance"

turbine engine repair and overhaul

"Stevens Aviation, Inc."

maintenance, avionics & repair

"Sunshine Instruments"

test equipment, control instrumentation & meters as well as repair/calibration/modification

"Swangate International"

electronic repair

"Team Aero, Inc."

FAA/JAA repair station that specializes in boeing and convair airframe structural component repair and overhauls

"Tech Industries, Inc."

manufacturer of ground support tooling repair of cargo load roller systems

"Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc."

repair/overhaul & sales of aircraft instruments

"Tecstar Electro Systems"

repair facility for electro mechanical equipment, flux valves

"Telcordia Technologies"

repair and equipment supplier company

"TGH-The Gyro House"

aircraft instrumet repairs, sales, service and manufacturing

"Thunder Aviation"

aircraft sales and maintenance

"Timberline Aviation"

Avionics Service, Charter Service, Line Service, Maintenance Service

"Timco Triad International Maint. Corp"

class I V repair centre maintenance

"Trans-Alaska Helicopters, Inc."

offer full helicopter support

"Transport Dynamics"

bearing repair specialists

"Turboprop Eeast Inc."

beechcraft king air series aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales, avionics repairs and installations

"Turner Aviation Co., Inc."

aircraft maintenance

"Ultimate Engines"

overhaul and repair of continental engines

"United Turbine Corporation"

Engine Turbine-Service & Repair

"United Turbine, Corp."

repair station specialized in the overhaul of PT6 engines and accessories

"USAirports Flight Support"

repair station, maintenance and avionics

"Varga Enterprises, Inc."

aircraft parts distributor

"Versatile Helicopters, Inc."

commercial helicopter operator - bell helicopter repair station & FAA approved flight school

"Wall Colmonoy Corporation"

turbine engine component overhaul

"Weco Aerospace Systems, Inc."

overhauls, repairs, sells and exchange of aircraft accessories

"West Star Aviation"

full service fixed base operator (FBO) with a full range of capabilities: avionics, airframe maintenance and repair, custom paint and interior, line services, engine maintenance, accessory overhauls, parts sales

"Western Skyways"

Engine Accessories-Repair & Overhaul

"Wichitech Industries, Inc."

manufacturers & distributors of hot bond composite repair equipment & accessories

"Winner Aviation"

we serve private, corporate and commercial aviation with line services, airframe maintenance, aircraft charter and management operations, and avionics maintenance.

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