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"Allestimento furgoni"
Denitalia design and produce van accessory, lining kits in wood or aluminium and internal racking to organise and transform commercial vehicles. We deliver Van Linings for various van manufacturer an

"1st Auto Touch Up Paints"

features paint matching kit for touch-ups.

"76 Lubricants Company"

76 Lubricants Company is a driving force in the petroleum industry. For well over a century, since 1890, 76 has continually demonstrated its scientific, engineering and product innovation leadership.

"Advanced Power Systems International, Inc."

makers of a fuel catalyst.

"Agri Enviro Services"

gas and diesel additives, reduce emissions, increase mileage, obtain greater performance.

"Agro Management Group, Inc."

an agricultural R&D and marketing corporation that specializes in finding new uses for old crops and developing new technologies for alternative crops. Makers of an all vegetable motor oil.

"AirSeal Products Company"

manufactures Tiremilk, a liquid which will permanently seal tire punctures from the inside. Also offers an oil treatment.

"All World Automotive"

The world largest surplus auto parts trading network


manufacturer of stainless steel fuel purifiers. No chemicals, magnets or maintenance.

"America Kowa Seiki, Inc."

motorcycle tools, automotive tools, lifts, stands, cabinets, special tools

"American Sealant International"

Flat Free helps you avoid flat tires by actually sealing punctures as they occur. It can increase tread life and will not affect wheel balance or warranties.

"Amoil Sdn Bhd"

manufacturer and distributor of petroleum products including fuels, lubricating oils, and greases for commercial and industrial applications.


Contains information about Amsoil corporation, online product store, dealer support, news and other developments.

"Anderson Motorcycle Stands"

motorcycle stands for race bikes and workshop, wide variety of styles

"Auto Magic"

do-it-yourself leather repair kits for automobiles, clothing, furniture and more.

"Automotive Glass Solutions International Limited (AGSI)"

develops and markets glass repairs for the automotive after-market.

"Automotive Supermart"

offering a variety of car care products.

"Automotive Tool And Equipment Expo"

buy, sell, and trade automotive tools and equipment

"Automotive Tool Express"

offering a variety of quality hand and air tools; online catalog and ordering

"Autopia Car Care"

features detailing how-to tips, cleaners, waxes, car care kits, books, and more.

"Baldwin Filters"

manufacturer of environmental filtration products for heavy-duty automobiles and trucks. Member of the Clarcor filtration products group.

"Bead Cheata"

a revolutionary new hand tool that makes the dismounting and mounting of tires quick and easy. - eliminates the need to remove the wheel - works on tires from tractors, wagons, autos, trucks

"Bel-Ray Company, Inc."

lubrication engineering specialists workign in the aerospace, automotive, aviation, energy, food, marine, mining, steel and textiles industries.

"Bell Additives"

additives for gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil for flame-fired furnaces, oil and grease.

"Bernie's Automotive Products"

professional quality tools and auto equipment including hard to find tools

"Beta Automotive"

manufacture bodyshop equipment, filters designed specifically for spray booths and ovens, and providing spraybooth upgrade, repair, and maintenance.


manufacturer of bike lifts and engine hoists


anti-friction and anti wear oil additive.

"Buckley Powder Co."

supplier of geotextiles, erosion control, revegetation, landscaping and soil stabilization materials. Serving the Western states.

"Buffalo Milke Automotive Polishing Products, Inc."

specially formulated instant spray wax, polish, and detailer.

"California Cycleworks Special Tools"

motorcycle tools

"Cannon Motorcycles"

sale of new and used BMW motorcycles. Full BMW dealer facilities including, parts, servicing with free loan bikes, accessories, clothing and insurance.

"Canova Brothers Auto Detail"

online sales of interior and exterior car cleaning products, including sealant glazes and upholstery protectors; also offers drive-in detailing services.


a pulsed lubrication system, works around the clock, periodically introducing a measured amount of oil into your engine's lubricating system.

"Carrick Yamaha"

motorcycle supplier

"Castrol North America Motor Oils & Motorsports Racing"

production of motor oils, fuel treatments, specialty products, small engine products, motorcycle products and cleaners.

"Certified Technologies (CRTT)"

reusable stainless steel oil filters and refiner by-pass oil systems. EPA compliant solutions for the trucking industry.

"Champion Q-X"

oil and fuel additive.

"Classic Additions"

produces a wide range of covers for classic and sport cars, motorbikes, and scooters.

"Classic Motoring Accessories"

distributor of car care products and accessories.

"Clean Cycle Products"

supplier of motorcycle cleaning and detailing products.

"Color-Rite Distributing"

colors are available in 1/2 oz touch-up paint applicators, 11 oz aerosol spray cans and quarts and pints.

"Cycle Lifts"

motorcycle lifts/jacks also workshop, detail and racing stands

"Datatool Motorcycle Security Products"

design and manufacture of motorcycle security products in the UK.


manufacturer of motorcycle battery chargers, including the Battery Tender

"Detailing Depot"

Mar-Co distribution and carnuba store supplying commercial car care people and consumers.


manufacturers of towing equipment and accessories.

"Dual Sport"

motorcycle accessories imported from the USA and Australia

"Dust Pro, Inc."

consulting, manufacturing, and distribution of soil stabilizers.


biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly soybean-based dust suppressant which controls dust and stabilizes the road bed.

"E-Zee Oil Kaddee"

Safe,Quick,E-Zee,Clean,and Economical way to transport oil to the bulk used oil storage tank. Remove the 15gal. pan, replace with suction hose the unit becomes a fluid transfer pump.

"Effortless Auto Care Products"

retailer and wholesaler of car wash, wax, and polish products.

"Elixaire Corporation"

Manufacturer of custom automotive and industrial filters.

"Elliott Motorcycles"

dealers and importer of Grey bikes from Japan and USA. Sales, servicing, repairs, MOT''s, spares, insurance, finance and more.

"Equinox Motorcycle Accessories"

provide motorcycling accessories to the discerning motorcyclist.

"ET Products"

manufacturer and marketer of value-added products, heavy duty lubricants, and performance formulated additives for gasoline and diesel fuels.

"Exceptional Polish Auto Detail Inc."

provider of auto detailing services, and retailer of car care products.

"Express Paint & Supply and Sam's Audio"

selling automotive car care products and premium audio sound.

"Femalcos International Corporation"

offers Leapoil, an enzyme-based product that improves the performance and cleanliness of combustion engines.

"Formula 2000 Oil Additive"

Doubles engine and equipment life. For car, truck, farm, boat, motorcycle, RV, and heavy equipment.

"Fourth Generation Engineers Pvt Ltd"

manufacture, develop and export electronic and electrical products for cars, trucks, buses and tractors. Our products include Relays, Timers, Flashers, Sensors, Automatic Engine Heating kits and others; also develop products based on client's specifications.

"FPPF Chemical"

fuel additives, treatments and conditioners.

"Frank Quirk & Associates"

distributor of stabilized earth block machine, mini reclaimer/recycler, liquid soil binder for stabilization, dust, and erosion control.

"Fuel Dynamics, LLC"

offers FuelMag, magnetic decontamination units used to control microbial contamination in diesel fuel and all other hydrocarbon fluids.

"Fuel Performance Catalyst"

makers of an additive for improving performance and reducing emissions and engine wear.

"Fuelon International"

gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and maritime fuel additives.

"Fuels Plus Inc."

manufactures and distributes a fuel additive for diesel and gasoline engines.


worldwide company providing high solid and waterborne paints to the automotive refinishing market.


tools and supplies for engine builders and machinists

"Greased Lightning International, Inc."

producing teflon based lubricants.

"Hastings Filters"

manufactures automotive and commercial filters specializing in the traditional automotive jobber market.

"HGB Motorcycles Ltd"

sells and repairs most makes. Also offers motorcycle hire/rental from five London area locations.

"Hi Tech Industries"

antifreeze recylcling comapny that helps turn waste removal expenses into profits.

"Hope Technical Developments Ltd."

automotive underride bumper manufacturer, offering the Safe-T-bar, Sens-N-Stop, and more.

"House of Kolor"

selling paints and painting systems for custom work.

"ILFC Distributors, Inc."

offering ILFC 1035, a fuel additive that increases horsepower, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers emissions.

"Index Industries, Inc."

offers additized diesel fuels and fuel performance additives for the petroleum distribution industry.

"Jacobs Equipment Distributing Company"

distributor for a wide range of automotive shop equipment and specialty tools

"Jamison Equipment"

Carries equipment for automotive engine and machine shop rebuilding, also carries used and rebuilt equipment

"Juice Mfg, Inc."

sells home car wash products.

"Jules Bike Ltd"

develops, manufactures, and markets accessories for the motorcycle industry.

"K&N Engineering"

high performance air and oil filters for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, marine, racing and more. Bolt-on performance horsepower.

"Kaufman Products"

rack and pinion steering gear rebuilders, and rebuilding tools and equipment

"Kendall Motor Oil"

producing lubricants, fliuds, coatings, and more.

"Kyle Racing Engines"

Kyle Racing Engines offers motorcycle engine services, parts and tools for professional roadracers and performance enthusiasts.

"Laser Hand Tools"

offers quality tools for professional automotive technicians and motoring enthusiasts.

"Lynch Performance Products"

supplies cooling system, lubricant, fuel system, diesel, and aerosol products.

"Magik Seal"

an environmentally safe way to keep your tires flat free.

"Maxima Racing Lubricants"

high performance lubricants for automotive, motorcycle, and snowmobile 2 and 4 cycle applications.


producing products that enhance the performance of lubricants.

"Metalflake UK"

paint distributor serving the auto refinishing trade and specialising in special effect coatings.

"Metrotec Automotive Detailing Supplies"

"Microlon Metal Treatment"

engine treatment used by racers and other professionals. Now available to the public

"Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc."

provides dust control, erosion control and coal and material handling products and services.

"Mile-X Equipment, Inc."

supplier of automotive, truck and bus service equipment, including brake lathes, tire changers, tire balancers, lifts, battery equipment, oil filter crushers, and pressure washers

"Motion Pro"

motorcycle tools

"MotoTools LLC"

offering hand tools by Facom, Stahlwille, Ko-ken, PB Baumann, S-K and Milbar

"MP Lubricants"

offers sealants, oils, additives, and more.

"Myers Tire Supply"

tools, supplies and equipment for tire, wheel and undercar service

"Neo Synthetic Oil"

manufacturers of synthetic lubricants used by professional racers from F-1 to CART to IRL to NASCAR.

"Nesco Tools E-Tool Store"

automotive, lifting, sandblasting, diagnostic and body shop equipment

"Nestor Sales"

nationwide automotive, marine and industrial tool and accessories warehouse distributor. Servicing jobbers, resellers and OEM's

"New Concept"

exhaust gas powered lifting bags for cars, trailers, caravans, 4x4s and other lifting/recovery tasks.

"Nitro Lube Advanced Lubricants"

offers penetrating lubricants and greases to enhance engine and tool performance.

"North Shore Laboratories Corporation"

makers of Safety Seal tubeless tire repair.

"Oil Bank"

Change the way you change your oil; from Shell Oil Company.


manufacturers of an onboard engine oil recycling system. Distribution opportunities available.

"Parts Accessories"

manufacturer of lifts and dollys. Also a variety of accessories

"PDQ Auto Body Supplies"

supplying the trade and the public.


oil and gas exploration and production; processing, refining and marketing motor oil, automotive products and other refined products; and operating fast oil change centers.


high performance, environmentally sensitive dust suppressant and soil stabilizer, made from a petroleum resin.

"Performance Automotive, Inc."

specializes in products for European vehicles. Local detailing services.

"Petro Tech 2000"

metal treatment formulated to increase fuel milage, performance, and engine longevity.

"Petro-Canada Lubricants"

offers a full range of HydroTreated (HT) lubricants, used in automotive, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical applications.


manufacturers and distributors of lubricating oils, oil, air and fuel filters to the industrial and automotive industry.

"Pit Bull Motorcycle Lifts"

motorcycle lifts that are designed by bikers for bikers with you and your bikes safety in mind. Lifts a full 25" and quality crafted by skilled craftsmen

"Pit Bull Motorcycle Stands"

our stands are made entirely from steel tubing and bar

"Plastic Oil Products"

retailer of an oil recovery product which holds motor oil bottles upside down to drain completely.

"Pneumateck Industries"

manufactures U.S. patented tire sealants, chemical cleaners, and fuel additives that are user friendly and environmentally safe designed to make life easier.

"Price Chemical Company"

offering Powerfuel, a nitro-based fuel additive for autos, boats, airplanes, and motorcycles.

"Puncture Cure Tire Sealant"

provides full time protection from air loss for the life of the tire.


worldwide paint manufacturer.

"Race Tech"

motorcycle tools

"Rack Motorcycle Jack, The"

motorcycle jack, lift, for all big motorcycles, motorcycle lifting device


custom motorcycles featuring the twilight tear.

"RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier"

centrifugal fuel purifier designed to remove water and contaminants from diesel, gasoline and other fuels without using any filter elements or cartridges.

"Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp."

manufacturer of high-performance synthetic lubricants and fuel system chemistry.

"Red's Equipment Warehouse, Inc."

sales and service of a variety of professional garage equipment including lifts, wheel alignment and balancer machines

"Ride-On Tire Protection System"

Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) is a revolutionary line of tire sealants (tyre sealants) that prevents flats caused by punctures, help with pressure maintenance programs, and aid in balancing of truck tires (tyres).

"Road Technologies International"

makers of the Road Tech 2000 microbe-based stabilisation and dust control product.

"Rolla Engineering"

buys, sells, and exports new, used, and reconditioned garage equipment.

"Rolling Thunder"

home of Pig Spit for detailing and protection of your Harley-Davidson.

"Rush Star"

2 cycle and 4 cycle engine treatment, engine flush, fuel system treatment for higher performance.

"Safety Seal Europe AB"

tubeless tyre repair.

"Seaco Technologies"

engineered programs and consulting services for water treatment and dust control.


supplying automotive refinishing products, specialized bodyshop services, and more.

"Slime Tire Sealant"

pre-treatment that can be applied before a puncture occurs, for bicycle, motorcycle, and other kinds of tires.

"Soil Doctor Inc."

treats soils which have unstable characteristics by chemically altering their expansive properties.

"Soil Stabilization Products Company"

Environmentally appropriate product technologies for pavements, dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization.

"Sound Distribution"

distribute motorcycle accessories, clothing and helmets via mail order.

"Spies Hecker"

manufacturer of car refinishing paints.

"Stahlwille Tools North America, Inc."

German made hand tools for automotive, industrial and aerospace use

"Stevens Equipment"

distributor of automotive service equipment, specializing in lifts, wheel alignment, brake lathes, balancers, and tire machine

"Stirling Finish International Ltd"

sells a range of professional car polishes, cleaners, and cleaning accessories

"Strata Systems Inc"

manufacturer of Stratagrid, a PVC coated polyester geogrid designed for use in soil reinforcement applications such as retaining walls, steep slopes and road construction.

"Super Magnaforce"

device that magnetizes the oil filter and removes virtually all micro-abrasive alloy particles from the oil inside the filter.

"Superchips Ltd"

performance chips for turbo, non-turbo and turbo-diesel cars.


manufacturing wheel alignment systems for cars and trucks.

"SynTech Products Coporation"

involved in production of dust control, road patching, nuclear decontamination products, and manufacture and distribution of industrial chemicals.

"System 1 Filtration"

featuring environmentally safe reusable oil filters.

"Tecfil Filters"

manufacturers of a complete line of air, fuel, lubricant, air and hydraulic filters for cars, trucks, buses, and tractors.Site in Spanish.

"Techron Concentrate"

fuel system cleaner.

"TEI Inc."

friction reducing treatment for engines, automatic transmissions, and more.

"Thermal-Lube Inc."

researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing specialty lubricants and analytical lubricant monitoring systems.

"Tool Discounter"

automotive tools, equipment, supplies, and machine shop equipment. On-line catalog with over 12,000 brand-name tools for the professional and 'do-it-yourselfer

"Toxguard Fluid Technologies"

provides antifreeze recycling services and sells recycling equipment for all types of fluids.

"Transcontinental Petroleum Industries"

offering Dr. Diesel, a diesel fuel additive designed for all types of vehicles including industrial and farm equipment.


provides industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, thread sealants and custom lubricants for specialized applications. \n \n

"Unipart Group of Companies"

Thousands of parts for millions of cars

"USA Tools Plus"

online catalog source for unique hand tools for the automotive and the home market

"Valspar Refinish, Inc."

coating/resins for the automoblie refinish industy.


provides oils, chemicals and other fluids products.

"Viking Seal"

for cars, trucks, fleet vehicles, bikes, motorcycles and more.

"W. Wood International Inc."

online retail supplier of a broad variety of tool boxes, hand tools, automotive service tools, and wrenches


created specifically for the car wash industry as a ''meeting place'' for car wash owners, operators, equipment manufacturers, vendors and customers.

"Wax Depot"

carries a complete line of car care and detailing products.

"Wizard Auto Tools"

engine stands, car dollies, and engine and jack stand attachments


Industrial oils, lubricants, greases and chemical products. Synthetic motor oils, anti-freezes, special gasolines for motor racing.

"Worldwide PetroMoly"

lubricants for commercial vehicles, diesel trucks, light duty trucks, passenger cars, and more.

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