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"ABS Vans"
providing alternative commuting solutions.

"Association for Commuter Transportation"

association of organizations and individuals who share a commitment to development balanced and effective transportation systems around the United States.

"Ban the Folding Bike in Trains"

site protesting train passengers who bring bicycles on board (in Dutch, with an English summary).

"Bike Commuting Tips"

text only suggestions for better bike commuting by a San Francisco cyclist.

"Bike to Work"

bicycle commuting information, including hints, equipment, safey, and maintenance.


public bike-transit facilities offering secure bicycle parking and other transit amenities. Facilities are presently located in Palo Alto and Long Beach, California

"Bycyklen - Copenhagen's City Bike Program"

find out about free bikes for downtown use in Copenhagen.

"Commuter Check Services Corporation"

mission is to make employer-provided mass transit fare subsidies a widespread employee benefit.

"Commuter Connections"

A resource for the DC commuting area. Articles and updates on vanpooling, carpooling, telework, rideshare, guaranteed ride home and bicycling. Find out about transit for Virginia commuting and Maryland commuting.

"Commuter Link"

we offer free carpooling/vanpooling information, transit assistance, a guaranteed ride home service.

"Commuter Van Services"

vanpool solutions for companies in Southern California.

"Commuters' Register"

free, multi-media commute option information and matching service from 2Plus, Inc.


supports alternative transport in Canada and offers facilities for matching drivers and passengers online.

"Maryland Mass Transit Administration"

Baltimore and surrounding areas: MARC commuter rail, bus lines light rail and metro subway


the rail system serving commuters throughout Southern California.

"Mid-Missouri Rideshare Program"

free service offered by the Division of Energy.


multi-category rider/driver matching service and road traveler's resources, featuring message boards, chat, and links.

"Rideshare Company"

non-profit corporation that focuses on increasing carpooling and reducing SOVs. Serves greater Hartford and Eastern Connecticut.


services for commuters in South-central Connecticut.

"Sacramento Transportation Management Association"

provides alternate commute services to it's members, including ridesharing, carpooling, guaranteed ride home, and more.

"Salem Rideshare"

serving commuters throughout Oregon's Willamette Valley.

"San Luis Obispo Regional Rideshare"

comprehenshive public transportation site. Info on buses, shuttles, dial-a-rides, and bike routes.

"Self Propelled City: Bicycle Commuting"

includes news, an employer's guide, parking and theft information, and links.


free computerized service that could potentially match you with convenient transit services, car pools, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities if you work in the 5-county southeastern Pennsylvania region.


U.S. and Canadian carpool database for long distance, city commute, or vacation travel.

"Southern California Rideshare"

tips and advice on carpooling, vanpooling, being prepared for an emergency and more.

"Spandex Man's Guide to Commuter Cycling"

how to commute to work by bicycling. Covers cycling equipment, apparel, reasons why to commute, and more.


civil engineering charity that designs and builds routes for cyclists, walkers, and people with disabilities. Promoting a national cycle network for England.

"Vancouver Cyclist Bicycle Commuting Information"

sections on everything from bicycling equipment to traffic cycling skills.

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