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producers of interactive driver training products.

"Abacus Programming Corporation"

provides short and long term engineering and software staff to support customer activities in aerospace, telecommunications, and commercial areas.

"Abol Software, Inc."

offers shipping software for LTL and parcel carriers.

"Acctronix Corporation"

providing innovative solutions for small package shippers.

"Acrobase Computing, Inc."

offers warehouse and cargo management turn-key software.

"Acuitive Solutions"

CubeCentral™ is a hosted Air Modal Management solution that is ideal for Shippers who want to gain greater control over how, when, and why they opt to re-route their products to an expedited level of service.

"ADi SmartBOL vics bill of lading software"

ADi SmartBOL software creates and prints vics bill of lading forms and shipping labels using regular printer.

"Adonis Data"

supplier of integrated maritime personnel, payroll, and fleet management software for the shipping industry.

"Advanced Data Technologies Inc."

inventory management systems, GIS, and data collection for transportation professionals.

"Advanced Marine Technology"

offering integrated navigation and charting systems.

"Advanced Simulation Systems"

flight simulators, products and resources. Information for the home builder.

"Aerocom Aviation Software"

providing performance and other software for the aviation industry.

"AeroInfo Systems Inc."

offers maintenance planning software for the air transport industry.

"Aeroprice Software"

Publishers of aircraft pricing software. Site also offers tips on purchasing, "bluebook"- type values, market price updates, financing, and links to other airplane classified websites.

"Aerosim Technologies Inc."

flight simulation software and flight and avionic simulators and training tools.


information on flight simulation related products [Aircraft Control Panel ACP(tm) for Microsoft Flight Simulator(tm) or Sublogic ATP(tm)].


Aviation software for pilot training - NDB/VOR intercept simulator for Night VFR and instrument training under Windows(tm)

"Aerotran Charter Quoting Software"

designed for the air taxi operator or aviation charter broker.

"Agent Systems, Inc."

provides complete fare collection and electronic payment systems for mass transit. Products include The Smart Box Validating Farebox.

"Aircraft Technical Publishers"

offers aviation maintenance, operations, and information management systems as well as regulatory libraries.

"Airshow Incorporated"

passenger flight information systems for the airline and corporate aviation markets.

"Albion Software"

developers of software for inventory and operation of model railroads.

"Aljex Software"

specializes in software for non-asset based transportation service providers.

"All Star Systems"

providing warehouse automation.


ALLDATA markets an electronic information solution for the automotive repair industry.


software for commercial fleet operators.

"Analysis, Inc."

provides distribution, transportation, and inventory software and consulting services.

"Applied Weather Technology (AWT)"

makes marine weather routing software that generates color coded graphics of severe weather patterns and suggests alternative routes.

"APSI, Inc."

consultant and software, aps inc, Aeronautical Programming Services Inc. Design avionic software with computer science and provide aeronatical engineering

"Aristo Computers, Inc."

offers shipping and receiving software as well as portable memory diagnostic tools.

"Armitage Systems Consulting Ltd."

designed for ocean shipping companies, freight forwarders, and shipping agents.

"ASCAR Business Systems"

provides software for delivery, trucking and courier companies.

"ATS Systems"

cargo software modules include reservations, airway bill, manifests, freight and interline accounting.

"August Design, Inc."

makers of Visual Load, for straight or mixed cargo shipments.

"Auriga Communications Ltd"

computer aided dispatch systems for fleet, dispatch and taxi companies.

"Aurora Software, Inc."

created software for LTL, intermodal, truckload and air freight motor carriers.

"AutoPower Corporation"

using state of the art technologies, AutoPower Corporation designs and develops flexible software solutions and customer oriented support services for the Truck Parts Distribution and Service industries.

"AutoPro Software"

Workshop software for garages, bodyshops, vehicle sales, recovery, fast-fits, engine and gearbox rebuilders, etc.

"AV-Base Systems"

inventory and maintenance software.

"Avantext, Inc"

provides airworthiness directives, aircraft owner lists, pilot lists, fully illustrated FARs, and more on CD-ROM.

"AVeL-TECH Inc."

products from AVeL-TECH enable hardware and software integrators and fleet managers to have constant contact with vehicles in real-time.

"AvFax Access"

utility designed to interrogate and obtain pre-flight planning information from the Australian AvFax system.

"Aviation Computer Media"

offering the FAA Regulatory Maintenance Library.

"Aviation Data Research"

software for conducting automated U.S. AD searches.

"Aviation DataSource, Inc"

provides comprehensive databases, including airworthiness directives, type certificate sheets,and service reports.

"AVtracker, Inc."

offers software for private aircraft owners that combines four programs in one: pilot logbook, alerts, cost tracking, and partnership management.

"Azure Software Limited"

and its Azure Control Systems division provide railway simulation, train and process control systems, data communications, and consulting services.

"Beltek System Design Inc"

total collection systems with unique software and portable printers for efficient delivery truck sales/inventory control.

"BMT Marine Information Systems Limited"

development of marine software for a worldwide customer base. Oil spill models, search and rescue, digital tidal atlases, etc.

"Boss Software, Inc"

business order entry shipping system.

"C.A.L.M. Systems, Inc."

software for aviation maintenance and inventory control as well as bar coding, EDI, and document management.

"Cadec Corporation"

specialists in onboard computer and vehicle information systems, fleet management, electronic dot log keeping, wireless communications, safety and logisitics.

"Camp Systems Inc. (CSI)"

producer of computerized aviation management systems for corporate aircraft maintenance, inventory control, flight and crew scheduling, and charter quotes.

"Capitol Business Services Ltd."

products and services for the transport, shipping, port and warehousing industries.


freight forwarding software solutions.

"Carrier Logistics Inc."

provides operational and administrative software to the LTL trucking industry.

"Cass Logistics Software"

a provider of transportation software and freight payment services.


develops theoretical and computational solutions to practical transportation logistics problems using advanced and flexible software systems and optimization algorithms.


providing consulting and information system products including Aracs 2000, a revenue accounting and finance system for airlines.

"Centillion Information Systems"

offering Cargo 2000, an international freight forwarding management system.


specializes in manufacturing, distribution, wharehouseing, and logistics software implementations. Developer of Logistics Pro.

"Cie-Tech Inc."

Load Xpert software for axle load calculation of heavy trucks.

"Cimber Air Data A/S"

offers AMICOS - Aicraft Maintenance Inventory Control and Operations System.

"CJN Technologies Limited"

development of client server software for the New Zealand roading industry.

"Clavib-Offshore Outsourcing Company"

Clavib offshore outsourcing company offers consulting, analysis, design & development services for freight, transport logistics management and fleet management software solutions

"Com-net Software Specialists, Inc."

integrated information display systems to airports, airlines and transportation authorities.

"Commercial Computers and Prog. Av. software"

aviation software for repair facilities, overhaul facilities, and sales organizations.

"Component Control"

designed to automate inventory management, quotation preparation, sales and purchase processing functions for aviation parts distributors, suppliers, repair stations and air carriers.

"CompuMove Systems Corporation"

provides the moving & storage industry with a comprehensive sales and office management computer system.

"Computer Support, Inc."

software for order entry, dispatching, freight billing, accounting, and fleet management. Designed for petroleum, liquid bulk, dry bulk, and truckload carriers.

"Computer Training Systems"

in-house computerized aviation recurrent pilot training for general aviation subjects and aircraft specific; meets ground training requirements of FAR 135.

"Computerized Mgmt. of Vehicles, Inc."

specialize in the modification and developement of computer software for the transportation industry.

"Computerized Shipping Systems"

Mark Taylor is the author of ''Computerized Shipping Systems: Increasing Profit and Productivity Through Technology.''

"Comsoft Gmbh"

mid-sized company developing and distributing hardware, software and services for high tech solutions in the IT domain, including air traffic control.

"Corp Ten International"

offers AUTOFIND an automatic position reporting system for tracking and locating vehicles, vessels and aircraft.

"Creative Systems"

develops hydrostatics/stability software for the marine industry. GHSport is a PC-based simulator of vessels in fluids and fluids in vessels. Site also includes reference center for naval architects and yacht designers.

"D.C.E. Trans-Net Services"

Transportation industry computerization consultants, specializing in Windows-Based software and hardware solutions.

"DA Bittar and Associates"

offering mincost, transportation and logistics software for trucking.

"Data Trak Technologies, Inc."

integrators of multi-carrier manifest software.

"Datatrac Corporation"

provider of software solutions for the courier and other time-sensitive delivery industries.

"David Henley Systems"

supplies innovative systems and data to the automotive industry, including many of the top contract hire and leasing companies in the UK.

"Dedicated Solutions"

offering trucking management and pager software and consulting.

"Dex Tec Design"

making Visual Freight Service, modular, vertical software for automating the freight forwarding industry. Designed to intergrate with recognized accounting systems.

"Digital Wave"

developers of Visual Passage Planner (VPP), the Pilot Chart based Passage Planning software for Windows.

"Dimensions International, Inc."

developers of aviation and airspace management products.


Software that handles your dispatching and back office operations. \n \n For: \n LTL carriers with multi - terminal or consolidation. \n Full load carriers, tanker, container and \n bulk. \n Freight forwarding and intermodal. \n Private fleets. \n Transportation brokers.

"Distribution Solutions"

specializes in warehouse systems integration.

"Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd"

marine software for the PC and Psion handheld computers.

"DPS Software Systems"

Provides turn key solutions to the LTL motor freight (trucking) industry. Main solution is the alphaTRUCK transportation information managament system.

"Dr. Dispatch Software"

trucking and brokerage, dispatch, invoicing, and accounting software.

"Dragon 2000 Automotive Software"

Company offering car dealers management software.

"DynaSoft Systems"

developers of turnkey software solutions for customs brokers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs consultants, and distributors.

"E-Transport Inc."

provides e-commerce tools for rate retrieval, generating shipment service contracts and tariffs, and electronically managing cargo documentation.

"Ecotek Technology Solutions"

provides software development and system integration for kiosks, desktop and internet applications.


railway track recording devices, software and consulting.

"Electronic Data Collection Corporation"

developers of AIMS ticket issuance software and hand-held ticket writers.


professional PC-based flight simulator for IFR training available for DOS, Windows and Macintosh.

"EQUALS International Ltd."

aviation management software for the independent airline and military or cargo operator.


a PC based manual for vehicle engine management and electronic fuel injection systems for UK vehicles.

"Erickson Enterprises"

rapidstudy FAA exam prep software.

"Evcor Atlanta Integrated Warehouse Solutions"

specializing in shipping software and warehouse management.

"Evcor Los Angeles/Orange County"

provides multi-carrier shipping software, bar code printing and data collection solutions, EDI software, and affordable warehouse management software.

"Evcor Memphis"

real time multi-carrier shipping, distribution management and logistics solutions.

"Evcor Systems"

system integration of shipping and warehouse management systems with host systems. Solutions for inventory control, pack verification/ pick-pack, receiving and finished goods/shipping along with custom software development.

"Eventide Inc."

manufacturer of moving map displays, effects processors, audio/video delays, and communications logging recorders.

"EXits Inc."

software for automating the generation of export documents for international trade and transportation.

"Express Associates"

sells dispatching and order entry software for couriers. Also offers package and message delivery services.

"F.C. Rock Shipping Manifest Systems"

shipping systems for customers of USPS, UPS, RPS and other parcel carriers.

"Flight Level LogBook"

provides pilots and aircraft owners with application software programs to help organize and maintain aviation activity information.

"Flight Plan"

assists in mapping out departure and arrival times, windage, flight speed, airport data, and more.

"Flight Weather"

weather alerts and related information for pilots.


with real-time aviation weather images, flight route planner, and airport information.

"Flow-Tran Aviation Refuelling Software"

offers complete modular fuel management system designed to run either an aviation fuel depot or other bulk liquid activities.

"Flying Buffalo Enterprises, Inc."

provides flight planning guides.


cargo software for freight forwarders and exporters.

"Free Flight"

moving map program with VFR aeronautical charts, 3-D terrain with ground proximity warning.

"Freight Management Systems, Inc."

developing software for the logistics and transportation industry.

"Freight+ Shipping Manifest Systems"

a computerized Shipping Manifest System for UPS, FEDEX, US POSTAL and RPS Shipments.

"Freightdata 2000"

offers 32-bit Windows software for air, sea, and road freight forwarding.


distribution planning software.

"Frontline Software Technology, Inc."

integrated systems for trucking companies including dispatching, freight billing, driver settlement, fuel tax, fleet maintenance, mileage and routing ,mobile communication, and general accounting.

"Garman Routing Systems, Inc."

offers route distribution, delivery, sales and accounting software for food and beverage distributors.

"Gateway Technologies Corp."

aviation software for aircraft maintenance, inventory, aircraft scheduling, crew scheduling, charter operations, multi-currency accounting, job shop, corporate operations, and private fleet operations.

"Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc."

computerized ticketing, schedule and fare quotation, point of sale, and access control software and systems for the inter-city bus transportation, leisure, retail, and entertainment industries

"GIRO Enterprises"

HASTUS and Georoute software for public transit, postal delivery, school transportation, municipal operations, and routeing and scheduling.

"Global Earth Navigation and Observation Systems"

develops new SMART hard- & software (navigation) tools.

"Globe Wireless"

communications service provider for the maritime industry.

"Harvey Software, Inc."

developer of automated parcel manifest shipping software solutions.

"High Altitude, Inc."

logbook to organize your flight time on your desktop, your PalmPilot or PalmPC.

"Horizon Business Concepts, Inc."

aviation accounting and aircraft management software.

"Igloo System"

wireless temperature data management system for refrigerated transport vehicles.

"IITRI Trasport Technology"

develop computer based training resources, rail simulators and equipment for the transport industry


offers fully integrated software systems for airline caterers.


development, distribution and support of transportation planning software packages.

"Integrated Decision Support Corporation"

IDSC provides optimization-based decision support software, consulting services, and systems integration for the trucking, shipping, distribution, logistics, and transportation industries.

"Intelligent Computer Systems (ICS)"

makers of Award: comprehensive software for the route distribution industry.

"Interchain BV"

software to manage transportation, distribution, expedition, and forwarding.


offering Shipping Solutions, software to aid in filling out international shipping documentation.

"Inventory Management Systems"

offering catering software designed exclusively for inflight industries.

"IPACS Asia Pte Ltd"

At IPACS, we provide a comprehensive suite of I.T. solutions to the Transportation & Logistics, Banking & Finance, Aviation, Telecommunications, Utilities and Commerce industries. We also offer a wide range of hardware and software, and professional I.T. services to our customers.

"Jakware Incorporated"

distribution and fleet management software.

"Jaro System Associates, Inc."

provider of custom hardware and software for the small to medium size business office. Specializing in applications for the carting and waste management industries.


offers flight simulators and other aviation software.

"Karmak, Inc"

software specialists to the truck industry. heavy duty truck parts.

"KeyNet, Inc."

transportation software systems for trucking companies and third party brokers, forwarders, and logistics companies.

"KiwiTech Marine Solutions"

produces yacht racing software and hardware.

"Klinge & Co"

makers of tyre management software designed to track wear and usage, and provide manufacturer comparison.

"Kohlman Systems Research, Inc."

offering flight test software and simulators for aerodynamics, propulsion, and flight controls.

"LADS Network Solutions, Inc."

software and services for courier, delivery, and transporation industries.


automotive leasing software solution for dealerships and leasing companies.

"Linden Software"

writting and supplier marine simulator software, radar and sonar signal emulation hardware and software, nautical chart digitising software and a data processing utility DatumPro transforming position co-ordinates in digital cartography.

"Lissys Ltd."

industry-standard system for commercial aircraft analysis and competitor evaluation, with a calibrated database of planes.

"Livery Coach Software"

provides complete reservations and scheduling software package for limousine service companies.

"Lochard Pty Ltd"

dedicated to producing both noise and flight track monitoring software and the hardware required for a complete turnkey system.

"Logic Innovations"

design parking software solutions geared towards campus parking offices.

"LogicNet, Inc."

software solutions for the parking industry including garage counts and revenue management software and for tenant HVAC services.

"Logimatic A/S"

maker of software for marine industry. Products include: MARS for material/production control, LOGIHOLD for planned maintenance, and, CREWMAS for crew management.

"Logistics Information Systems"

provides a full range of customized transportation management software solutions.

"Lynx Automotive Systems"

Lynx Automotive Systems is one of the leading providers of Dealer Management Systems in the UK, Europe and South America.

"Mailing Solutions"

offering mailing and shipping software and eccessories.

"Marine Management Systems, Inc."

develops, markets, sells and supports software systems, and sells and supports associated hardware and communications systems for the management of commercial ships in the int'l maritime industry.

"MasterMind Systems, Inc."

integrated traffic software solutions for engineers and managers.


specialized business solutions to the heavy truck industry.

"MD Solutions"

developers of client/server software for the freight industry.

"Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc."

airline crew scheduling systems.


provider of routing and scheduling software, TruckStops for Windows 95/98/NT, reduces transportation costs through route optimization and color maps.

"MJC2 Limited"

Offers advanced distribution scheduling solutions.

"MobileNet, Inc."

provides custom mobile data solutions, including system planning and development, hardware and software, and a nationwide wireless network.

"MobileSoft Consulting, Inc."

specializing in computer aided dispatch for the taxi industry.

"MOS International, Inc."

offering Mail Center Manager, a shipping and automation software.

"Motor Trade Software"

UK software for small to medium Garage.

"MultiModal Applied Systems"

provider of software products and consulting services to the transportation and logistics industries.

"Mystic Moment Software"

makers of The Truckers Helper, for fuel taxes, accounting, log checking, billing, and maintenance.

"Nautical Software, Inc"

tide and current prediction software; includes powerful searching and reporting tools.


manufactures marine computers, laptop enclosures, flatpanel displays, and navigation software.

"Navtech Software"

flight planning software for PSION pocket computers. Connects to GPS to provide moving maps

"NC Software"

makers of LogBookPro, an advanced electronic logbook for aviators. Print, graph, analyze flight data with the flight logbook.

"Netflow Inc."

offers relocation management and billing software to the moving industry.

"NetTech Solutions, LLC"

Dynamic client server based parking management system. Designed for Windows 95, it includes violation managment, correspondence, noticing, POS peripheral equipment, and hand held interface.


Load and equipment finding service for carriers, shippers and brokers.

"Norfield Data Products & Cosmic Computers"

providing products for the one call industry.

"Northwest Aero Associates, Inc"

online computerized flight plans for general aviation and air carrier with real time weather and wind aloft.

"Novosoft Inc"

custom programming in a wide area of applications, from embedded solutions to e-commerce and SCM systems. ISO 9001/CMM quality standards. Affordable rates.

"Olsen Engineering ApS"

a Danish company devoted to manufacturing of quality products for use in the traffic industry worldwide.

"Omni Communications, Ltd."

fuel tax and accounting software for truckers.

"Omni Information Systems"

providing trucking software, AS400 services, and technical and consulting services for the logistics industry.

"Onboard Software, Inc."

specializing in avionics systems, knowledge management, and distance learning.

"Orion Systems, Ltd"

company offering computer systems for the auto/truck rental industry.

"Overkill US"

software design, implementation and maintenance, air traffic control system specialists.

"Panel Planner"

panel design program with drag-and-drop database of instruments, avionics, and cockpit controls.

"PC Maritime"

publishers and developers of maritime software.


Transportation related software distribution center.


makers of Windows based software for dispatching, accounting, fuel management, and maintenance.

"Peashor Productions Pty Ltd"

offers software for the transport industry and a software version of the Building Code of Australia.

"Pentagon 2000 of Texas"

distributor of aviation control, tracking, accounting, and inventory softwares. Offers demos, training, and database conversions.

"PeopleNet Communications Corporation"

provides mobile locating and communications solutions for commercial fleets.

"Permits Plus Inc."

truck permitting services; also distributor of fuel tax plus, fuel tax processing software.

"Pfastship Logistics International"

host manifest shipping solution for the AS/400 client server, and Windows NT.

"Pi Technology"

offers software development and sensor, ecu, and control systems design for engine and vehicle control applications. Alsoprovides tools for reducing time to market.

"Pibal Reader"

dedicated to competitive Hot Air Ballooning and site of the Pibal Reader software program for performing wind calculations.

"Pilot In Command"

multimedia emergency procedure training software. Includes aviation history, interactive controls, and ground school.

"Pitney Bowes Software Systems"

PBSS provides products and services that improve your ability to communicate with your customers.

"Polaris Microsystems"

database software for aviation and industry. Information and customer support for AeroLog and CharterLog software products.


model for supply and demand of intermodal transport.

"Precision Software Limited"

developers of client/server shipping systems, year 2000 solutions, and more for the import/export industry.

"Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc."

offers software for creating traffic control diagrams.

"Profit Tools"

offers operations software for order-entry, dispatch, billing, and more.

"Progressive Aviation"

aviation software for repair facilities, overhaul facilities, and sales organizations.

"Prolog Business Solutions Ltd"

features PROFLEET software for fleet management, maintenance, logistics and transport.

"PROS Strategic Solutions"

revenue management and decision support systems.

"PS Software"

IFR flight planning software utilizing a user maintained database.

"PSR Group Ltd."

engineering firm provides route optimisation software and services that can reduce the operating budget of most vehicle based operations.

"Quartix Vehicle Tracking"

Provide vehicle tracking systems to monitor commercial vehicle movements in the UK using GPS satellite tracking software for secure, real-time tracking from any PC, with daily vehicle logs and weekly summary reports.

"QuickDrive Data Systems Ltd"

vehicle rental business management software for Windows.

"R-WEL, Inc."

PC based photogrammetry system for generating DEMs and digital orthophotos from air photos and satellite images. Also, software for aerial photography flight planning.

"Railcar Management, Inc."

offers railroad application software and services. Yard/inventory/waybill control, ISS, EDI, car hire and fleet management services.

"RailTech Software Systems"

makers of MARS and CRBIS for car repair billing and railcar auditing and management.

"Ramos Systems"

software consulting for the transit industry.

"Razor's Edge Software"

offering AirPlan, a point-and-click flight-planning program.

"Redberry Software"

products for international freight forwarders that cut all necessary documents for international air and sea freight agents.

"Remonsys Ltd"

manufacturers and suppliers of electronic temperature data loggers used in the food and shipping industries worldwide.

"Revenue Management Software"

for the hospitality management and airline industries.


specialists in the development, linkage, and maintenance of geographic business data for the shipping and transportation industries.

"RKOM - Automotive Software"

Software for truck & auto repair shops, gas stations, used car dealers, fleet managers (anyone who owns a vehicle) and general retail accounting.

"RMS Technology"

produces, sells, and supports Flitesoft flight planning and Vista moving map software. Located near Portland, Oregon, RMS has focused on navigation software for general aviation, civilian, and military needs since 1985.

"Roadnet Technologies, Inc"

develops vehicle routing and scheduling, territory planning, and dispatch management software systems.

"Roadshow International, Inc./Descartes Systems Group"

provider of wireless and map-based route management software for distribution companies.

"RouteSmart Technologies"

Developers of software systems for vehicle routing and scheduling and provides support and consulting services in the area of transportation and logistics.

"Rydex Industries"

supplies fast data communications for ships.

"SABRE Technology Solutions"

optimization systems for motor carriers, private fleets, rail, air freight, intermodal and container distribution, as well as for shippers'' logistics processes.


PC-based professional training system designed to help pilots with instrumental procedures.

"Savoy Computing"

specialises in vehicle swept path analysis software.

"Schedule Master"

aircraft scheduling service for flight schools, clubs and partnership. Information retrievable by phone, fax, internet and modem.

"SeaGil Software Co."

producers of the BART Aviation Management System.


provide software for ship owners, managers, charterers, chartering and sale and purchase brokers.

"Show-Me Software"

trucking software for small fleet owners and owner operators. Integrated income, expense, driver payroll, general ledger, and vehicle maintenance package.

"Signal Intelligence"

computer-aided radio monitoring and traffic analysis for the PCS, wireless, law enforcement and spectrum management markets.

"Signalling Centre Software"

railway control simulations for the PC.

"Sixth Wheel Software"

software suite of modules designed specifically for intermodal operations.

"Small Business Solutions"

offers shipping, transportation, dispatch, invoicing software for the courier industry.

"Smarter Software, Inc."

developers of USPS CASS certified address correction software.

"SoftAir Software"

offering a charter manager programme.

"SoftMove Corporation"

Windows software for moving and storage operations. Sales automation w/tariff calc, truck and storage scheduling, dispatch, billing and customer service. 16- and 32-bit.

"Software for Moving"

software solutions for moving and warehousing.

"Software Solutions of Illinois"

integrated software systems for the agriculture and trucking industries.

"Starline Ltd"

sells Micro-FMS, flight simulation software for reviewing automatic flight and FMS operations.


replaces the desktop with a realistic looking full size jet fighter cockpit in which your flight simulations come alive.

"Stormy Weather SoftWare"

developing marine navigation shareware dealing with astronomy, ocean tides, morse code training, and yacht race results.

"Strategic Concepts, Inc."

providing custom transportation information management software; complete management package, or individual packets.

"Strategic Software Ltd"

suppliers of communication and database software for the shipping industry

"Surfside Software Systems, Inc"

developers of advanced custom software for business including the TranWare(tm) Transportation Software System.


marine navigation software.


parking management software for universities, colleges, cities, hospitals and airports.

"TanData Corporation"

Transportation and logistics related software including domestic and international shipments, with carrier and export documentation.


database program on cd-rom that provides detailled customs duty rates.

"TData Corporation"

providing airworthiness directives research software on CD-ROM to the aviation maintenance industry.

"TDS Inc."

featuring transportation software including fueltax, maintenance, log check, dispatching, freight billing, accounting, driver settlements, etc.

"Technical Applications Group"

offers Aviation DataBanks - databases on CD-ROM containing traffic, capacity & financial statistics for U.S. and international airlines serving the United States.

"Thru Transport Systems International Limited"

the leading enterprise solutions provider to the global trasportation industry.

"TMW Systems"

operations management software for the transportation industry


site devoted to solutions for package process and shipping automation; brought to you by the makers of the Clippership software system.

"Trade Systems Resource"

software for customs brokers, importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

"TradePoint Systems LLC"

software for the trade and transportation industries.

"Transas Marine (UK) Ltd."

develops software for electronic cartography, navigation, loading control, vessel traffic and oil response systems, and training simulators.


software products to support and manage your shipping and mailing operations.

"Translogix Corporation"

Custom software solutions for logistics, transportation, shipping and tracking.

"Transportation Management Software, Inc."

features include real time dispatch, driver settlements, billing, accounting, driver log auditing, and qualification with drug and alcohol testing.

"Transportation Technology Group, Inc."

TTG provides quality technology solutions for the transporation industry.

"Transtec Software Corp."

specialising in export documentation software.

"Tranzact Systems, Ltd."

an integrated logistics resource company offering freight audit and payment processing, consulting and management services, and software.

"Trip Tracker"

management software that manages reservations, billing, maintenence, and dispatching for limousine and livery services.

"Truck.Net Store"

DOT, ICC databases, computers, trucking software, phone cards, gifts, We ship to your home or office, order through secure commerce.

"Truckin' Buddy"

truck management software; different versions available for owner-operators and fleet operators.

"Trucking Logistics Databases"

database software for the trucking industry.

"Trucking Safety / Accident Reduction Software: Prevent!"

Software package which is useful in accident prevention programs, preparation for DOT compliance audits.

"TruckMaster Data Systems"

a complete software package that was designed to help run almost any type of trucking operation.

"UGA Media"

publisher of aircraft and travel CD-ROMs.

"Universal Logistics Management, Inc."

transportation management firm offers consulting services, freight management, and software for export and domestic shipping.

"UPSS Systems"

universal parcel shipping software.


specializing in shipping automation software.

"Vanputer Systems"

route accounting/van sales.

"Varsity Logistics"

parcel and LTL logistic software company.

"WebTech Wireless"

Wireless vehicle location services provider delivering GPS tracking and two-way messaging services for wireless carriers, private and trucking fleets, and vehicle owners.

"Wyndemere Inc"

air traffic controller software.

"XAXERO Marine Software Engineering Ltd."

offering weather fax system, navigation tools, seamail and more.

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